AI Cashflow Software to help you make better cashflow decisions.

Cash flow can be an ongoing issue for businesses. Futrli uses AI with your invoices, bills, expenses and more, to find any problems in your cashflow and help you fix them.

Whether it's getting onto of outstanding invoices or forecasting, Futrli helps you take control of your cashflow.

Take control of your cash flow.

Cash flow management is one of the trickiest parts of running a business. Futrli Flow is your ultimate small business cash flow management software, turning your data into daily, data-driven decisions, housed within an easy to use Actionfeed. It couldn’t be simpler. One-click to sync your data and you’re ready to go.

Business insights like never before.

Advisor is our product ideal for larger businesses or any business that needs a more traditional approach to finance, with cash flow and business performance dashboards, 3-way forecasting, and board and management reporting. Advisor provides deep insights into your business. It’ll delight your Finance team, or keep you going without one.