Dimension GRC | GNZB Partners
Simple, analytical AML & KYC software for your business.

Stay clear of money laundering and suspicious activity by signing up with Dimension GRC. 

Why choose Dimension GRC?
Insight Driven

On login the AML/CFT dashboard provides insights at a glance.  With the user in mind, the dashboard highlights items for your attention from customer onboarding and profiling to ongoing due diligence including:

- Incomplete customer profiles and expired identification

- Required enhanced due diligence

 - Suspicious transactions breaching the customer risk tolerance

 - Customer risk analysis highlighting your entire customer base and those that sit within each of the risk categories

Know Your Customers
The real-time Know Your Customer feature electronically verifies your clients' identification and processes enhanced due diligence requests against national and international databases.  This, coupled with customer risk profiling, gives you real peace of mind that you know your customer.
Task Management

Of all the transactions that go through your company, you can feel confident those transactions that pose a risk are highlighted for ongoing due diligence. 

  In addition, the Task Management feature supports you in fully reconstructing the transaction history from initial investigation through to resolution and/or escalation.